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Our Story

Our Story

As native New Orleanians, Tealy and Greg grew up in a culture of great jazz and good food. French wine was the principal accompliment to New Orleans cuisine at the time. Living in Europe during the 70’s and 80’s, enhanced our wine experience and appreciation of European wines. In the 90’s we returned to California and developed a greater appreciation of California wines.

After working for an international company for thirty years, we decided to start a second career dedicated to growing grapes and making great wines at affordable prices that enhance the culinary experience. After searching for a vineyard, we settled on the Central Coast of California in Paso Robles in 2007. It is still a place where the vineyard farmer and the wine maker are the same person and winemaking starts in the vineyard.

Our son, Geoff, moved to the vineyard in early 2008 to be part of the family vineyard and winery. His love of the outdoors and interest in learning about growing grapes prompted his move to Paso Robles. He now has a logistics co. G R BARR,Inc and is busy growing his company,   

Our daughter, Mathilde lives and works in the Bay area.  She is actively involved with winery events, promotions and social media  .We are very thankful that Mathilde is also helping with sales in Northern California.

The climate and soils are also well suited for olive production. In 2008, 200 Tuscan olive trees were planted. The trees are doing well and the first olive oil bottling of our extra virgin cold pressed olive oil was in 2013.

Our winemaking learning curve has been as steep as the learning curve for farming but we have had a great teacher and winemaker consultant  Signe Zoller.  Greg is the winemaker .

Our handcrafted estate grown single vineyard wines are listed on on the Wines tab along with details of their creation. They are sold online, in our tasting room, through our wine club, and to selected restaurants.